TPI Member Benefits

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Exclusive Membership Benefits & Services

The business of operating a turfgrass sod farm can be more challenging today than ever before.  Membership in Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) allows companies to stay ahead of the marketplace. TPI is the only international trade association dedicated to encouraging the use of turfgrass sod worldwide.

TPI represents more than 1,100 members in the turfgrass sod industry. 75% are turfgrass sod producers and 25% represent companies that supply products, equipment and services to turfgrass farms, educators, students and industry associates.  

Turfgrass Producers International has a 40+ year history of partnering with members to provide the tools, education and know-how needed to help turfgrass businesses prosper and grow.  As a member of TPI you enhance your company’s professional credibility and visibility. 

The benefits of belonging to TPI are highlighted below: 

Industry-Specific Publications
Turf News is TPI’s award winning bi-monthly magazine. It is the only publication devoted exclusively to turfgrass sod production. Turf News features topics on agronomics, equipment, seed, research, business and marketing.

  • Business Management Newsletter is a bi-monthly newsletter full of great business strategies, marketing tips, safety information and more.
  • TPI’s Membership Directory is a printed and online listing of all turfgrass sod producers, suppliers and other members with specific product information for each.  An excellent tool for buyers of turfgrass sod and related products.  This directory also contains a wealth of information about the association.
  • TPI’s Farm Profile Survey and Member Equipment Survey, conducted every five years, provide an in-depth overview of overall operations reported by leading turfgrass producers worldwide.

Conferences and Conventions
·Each year the TPI Midwinter Conference and Summer Convention & Field Days draw hundreds of turfgrass industry professionals from around the world.  These industry events provide attendees with information about how to reduce costs, increase profits, and operate their businesses more efficiently.  TPI’s Field Days feature live demonstrations and the Exhibitions at the Midwinter Conference provide exposure to the latest products and services from the industry’s top manufacturers and suppliers.  Seminars, education sessions, tours, exhibits, field demonstrations, and social events offer members an educational opportunity and a chance to renew friendships and make new acquaintances.  TPI members receive a significant discount on their registration package and other Conference and Convention activity fees.  

·TPI’s Roundtable Forum provides members with an invaluable networking opportunity to discuss timely issues important to all aspects of their business.  The Roundtable Forum and many other TPI business and social functions allow members to share ideas and discuss problem-solving solutions with fellow turfgrass farm owners, managers and industry suppliers.

Sales and Marketing Assistance
TPI members can access numerous industry-related brochures, booklets and educational materials to market and promote their business.  TPI has a “Stock Photo” library and “Turf Shots” available on CD.

  • The “New Member” Kit includes a hard-copy collection of many TPI resource materials.
  • TPI Membership Plaques let your customers know you belong to the only international turfgrass sod industry organization.
  • Complimentary use of TPI’s logo for member marketing materials
  • Classified advertising available in Turf News magazine and on the TPI website provides access to a targeted marketplace to buy and sell turfgrass sod farm equipment, related supplies, farms and offer employment opportunities.  Members receive discounted ad rates.

Membership Affinity Programs

·Through a partnership with BP, TPI members get 4.0¢ off every gallon of gasoline and 2.0¢ for diesel purchased at over 11,000 BP locations in the U.S.A only.  The BP Business Solutions MasterCard® is a multi-purpose fleet management program offering unmatched spending flexibility, the freedom to use the cards where you need for fuel, detailed cost analysis, individual card controls and rebates.

·TPI has teamed with National Processing Company (NPC) to create a payment processing solution specifically for TPI members that provides lower rates on credit/debit card processing in addition to special pricing on electronic check guarantee service. For more information, please call 877-296-4671; E-mail: or visit NPC’s website at

·TPI has partnered with I.C. System to offer member companies a quality accounts receivables management program for help in collecting bad debt.  I.C. System delivers effective, ethical and cost-effective solutions for collecting debts and improving cash. Call (800) 279-3511 or visit their website at

·TPI offers a major medical insurance program through our partnership with Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants. MMIC is capable of offering the broadest range of insuring companies, policies and plans. They will analyze the health insurance needs of TPI members and provide objective advice with a view to improving coverage and reducing costs.  Visit their website at

TPI Website Resources  

  • Members have exclusive resources and information available to them through the TPI website at including unlimited access to Michigan State University’s Turf Information Center which maintains the Turfgrass Information File (TGIF), a turf database that contains more than 100,000 records of the most comprehensive collection of turfgrass research and educational materials in the world.  
  • TPI’s website has an extensive photo and clip-art gallery.
  • A careers section offers FREE posting for companies that have turfgrass or related employment or internship opportunities.
  • Members have access to past issues of Turf News magazine and other TPI publications.
  • Industry-related marketing brochures are available to download and print.
  • Coming soon, TPI’s Online Forum will help members share ideas and get questions answered by other turfgrass producers.

Public Relations & Consumer Education

  • TPI provides public relations support targeting industry professionals, educators, consumer groups, government decision makers and the media to promote the turfgrass sod industry.
  • An annual CD-ROM Media Kit provides current press releases designed to educate the public and keep the green industry media informed of advancements in turfgrass research, the benefits of turfgrass and other timely information.  
  • TPI has various technical and informative industry-related brochures, booklets and audio/visual presentations that provide the means to disseminate beneficial and factual information to a broad audience.
  • “Fill-in-the-Blanks” press releases help members get local media coverage.

Government Relations

·TPI maintains a presence in Washington D.C. and closely monitors key federal and state issues.  Members are kept informed about regulatory and legislative alerts through the Business Management Newsletter and Turf News magazine.  Time-sensitive legislative issues are sent directly with detailed action requests to members.

·TPI is an active supporter of the NTF (National Turfgrass Federation), RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment), Project Evergreen, NCAE (National Council of Agricultural Employers) and many other organizations and associations serving the turfgrass and green industry through lobbying and public relations efforts.

·TPI’s presence and on-going awareness of important national and international issues and related legislative action ensures that members are informed and aware of compliance with governmental rules, regulations and mandates that can impact their business.            

The Lawn Institute Foundation Supports Turfgrass Research

  • Your membership in TPI helps to support The Lawn Institute, our Foundation dedicated to turfgrass research, education and the dissemination of research-based information to benefit TPI members and the entire turfgrass industry. 
  • The Lawn Institute has funded more than $1,000,000 in turfgrass research benefiting turfgrass producers.
  • The Dr. Henry W. Indyk Scholarship (administered by The Lawn Institute) was established to honor a founding father of Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) while benefiting all TPI Members by providing up to $10,000 in scholarships annually.  
  • The Lawn Institute website is focused on consumer education.  The site contains guidelines for lawn maintenance and information about the many benefits of turfgrass.  Subscribers may sign up for monthly newsletters and take advantage of an “Ask the Expert” column to answer their questions.

Turfgrass Sod Industry Recognition

  • TPI Honors and Awards program annually recognizes the best of the best industry leaders and contributors annually with its Distinguished Service, Innovator of the Year, Honorary Member and President’s Leadership Awards. 
  • Industry News – member companies can submit press releases on new products, equipment, personnel, expansions, acquisitions and special milestones for consideration in Turf News magazine 
  • Company Profiles – submit your success story to Turf News magazine and get free exposure and recognition from your peers.   

Opportunities for Involvement

·Volunteer opportunities are available on TPI Working Groups and TPI Board of Trustees.  The Roundtable Forum provides all members with an opportunity for direct input to the TPI leadership.

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Turfgrass Producers International
2 East Main Street
East Dundee, IL 60118 USA
Phone 800/405-8873 *
Fax 847/649-5678


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