Why you need a Turf Roller?

Brouwer Turf Rollers will increase productivity; as well as improve the quality and level of your turf area or other surfaces.

Rolling new sod being installed is essential, not just best practice. It is very important to roll the sod after it has been laid to ensure good contact between the sod and the soil. The Brouwer Turf Rollers will effectively remove air pockets, stabilize and level the soil. The roots of the plant will not grow into through a void and will die in that area.

For high quality installation, some of our users also roll the area before laying the sod. After grading, the surface may appear level but the density of the soil may vary quite a bit. Sod laid on this surface is prone to settling more in some areas than others. By rolling before the sod goes down, fine grade adjustments can be made and low spots be easily filled. Turf installed on this improved surface will maintain the designed grade/ contour. Benefits of a smooth area include more even water distribution and drainage. A smooth level area will also provide a more even cut during mowing.

Turf Producers who install their own product, probably already use our Rollers and get very few call backs from customers except for the ones that water improperly. For those who wholesale or sell directly to landscape contractors, you can also benefit from having rentals available for your retail customers.

In cool season grass zones, the spring rolling of established lawns will remove frost heaves providing a smoother surface for use and mowing. Turf maintenance can also include rolling mid or late season to remove undulations made by mower tracks, worms and the unevenness created by the natural growing process of the grass itself. In areas where frost is not an issue, the benefits of a level surface still apply.

How improving ergonomics will save you time, reduce labor costs and avoid back fatigue or injuries.

For those who use manual rollers, the weight being applied is limited to what can be safely maneuvered by a person. Most manually pulled Rollers weigh between 150 to 300 lbs. when filled, with the weight being distributed across the width of the roller. However the forces exerted by the feet of the laborers to propel and maneuver the manual roller are far greater. These dynamic forces often damage the fresh turf or the grade of the soil below. Brouwer Rollers weigh approximately 500 lb empty and close to 1,000 lb. when full, making it more effective in varying conditions.

Brouwer Turf Rollers will increase productivity and safety, as they are self-propelled with fingertip speed and direction control. The on-off switch is located on the handle near the operator. They can work just as hard in the afternoon as they did in the morning. They do not struggle or complain when going up slopes and provide control on a downgrade. While most rolling is performed around 2 – 2.5 mph, the BTR30 can travel up to 4 mph, and the TR224 3.5 mph getting you to the required area quickly.

Turf Roller Rentals:

Many landscape contractors often install sod as the final part of the overall contract, needing the Turf Roller for only a few days or hours at a time. Many rental companies already have our Turf Rollers available for you. If your local Rental House does not already have them, have them contact us, or send us their contact information and we will provide them with the information they need.


To locate a dealer or distributor near you contact sales@kesmac.com or give us a call at 1-888-341-5113.

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